Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

What is Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Treatment?

It is a revolutionary and unique treatment that helps shaping the client’s body with immediate effect.shrinking-violet-body-wrap This leads to real inch loss due to its specialist formulation. Shrinking Violet Body Wrap can help you with that summer beach body, to help you fitting into a special dress for a big night out, or as part of your on-going beauty regime.

The active ingredients makes this an inch loss treatment. This means the INCHES WILL STAY OFF – provided you combine the treatment with sensible eating and a little exercise.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap treatment can help you to kick-start a diet. It cannot tighten slackened muscles, and results can be variable.

Shrinking Violet has been tested independently by Reading Clinical Research under Clinical Testing conditions. The wrap used is 100% recyclable.


Immediate and lasting inch loss result
Spa-style, effective procedure
Relaxing and de-stressing
May help to improve cellulite, sluggish circulation and fluid retention

The Main Active Ingredient

The Main Active Ingredient in the Shrinking Violet Wrap are 20 % Phospholipids which is Hydrolised unsaturated Lecithin, derived from soya beans. Other ingredients are detoxifying aromatherapy oils.

For more information on Phospholipids, please take a look at:

Treatment fee

You will be on the treatment couch for 1 hour. Body brushing before the wrap is included.

Treatment without before and after measurements, approximately 1.5 hours –  £45
6 treatments without measurements – £240
(Meaning you pay only for 5 but receive 6 treatments. Only valid if paid in advance or on the first day.)

Treatment with before and after measurements, approximately 2 hours –  £60
6 treatments with measurements – £300 (Meaning you pay only for 5 but receive 6 treatments. Only valid if paid in advance or on the first day.)

Whilst you are on the couch, you can choose between:
Reiki Healing – no additional cost or
A Mini Facial – £5 surcharge.


Before the treatment

  • Do not have a large meal
  • No other heat treatment within the same 24 hours, e.g. sunbathing or sunbed
  • No waxing or shaving for 48 hours before and 24 to 48 hours after
  • Take a warm bath or shower; avoid synthetic soaps, shower gel, lotions or creams

Contra-Indications to the treatment, please check

  • Soya Bean Intolerance
  • Varicose veins – the wrap won’t be applied over the area
  • Infectious skin diseases
  • Cuts and abrasions – the area will be avoided
  • Open, active eczema or psoriasis; sunburnt or chapped skin, severe bruising
  • Diabetes, Blood Pressure problems, Epilepsy, Heart or Kidney problems, medication – check with GP
  • Thyroid problems – inch loss might not be as effective
  • Surgical operations – wait 3 months after minor/6 months after major operation
  • Cosmetic Surgery – wait 3 months
  • Pregnancy or nursing – NO treatment, wait 6 weeks after stopping nursing
  • After having given birth or Cesarian – wait 26 weeks
  • Miscarriage or abortion – wait at least 6 weeks, preferably 12 weeks
  • Claustrophobia
  • Asthma
  • Lymph gland removal
  • Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy – wait 6 month, must be clear of cancer