Neal’s Yard Skincare Treatments

neals-yard-300x224Neal’s Yard skin care uses safe, natural ingredients with a recognised therapeutic tradition that are beneficial to both you and the environment. All their products undergo strict testing to ensure they’re safe and effective to use.

Neal’s Yard skin care combine plant-based detergents that complement one another. These are effective, yet gentle on the skin. Oils utilised in the skincare range are plant-based, rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. They can be similar to the skin’s own sebum and help improving its condition.

Natural ingredients with preservative properties, such as rose or propolis extract, are utilised. In some cases, to offer you a particular shelf life, small amounts of preservatives are selected that are safe for use and non-persistent in the environment.

Neal’s Yard Remedies fragrance their products with pure essentials oils and essences chosen for their delightful aromas and their therapeutic properties.

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NYR Facial – 1 hour £28
Includes Facial with NYR skincare products, and massage of face, neck, scalp and feet or arms. Pure indulgence as you enjoy this treatment with the gorgeous Neal’s Yard Remedies skincare products and flower waters.

NYR Luxury Facial – 1hr 15 mins  £38
The ultimate Facial with NYR skincare products, visualisation, hot and cold stones; massage of face, neck, scalp, feet and arms.

NYR Mini Facial – 30 mins  £20

NYR  Exfoliation and Body Massage – 1 hour 15 mins  £36
Gentle exfoliation and body massage will relax your senses and restore balance throughout your body.

Rejuvenating Aroma Face Massage  – 1 hour £25
A natural facelift through massage with Amara Holistics’ anti-ageing facial oil blend. Rejuvenating with a mix of acupressure, eastern face massage techniques and lymph drainage. Includes hand or foot massage.

Holistic Facial                                          1 hour 15 mins       £33
A combination of Facial and Rejuvenating Aroma Face Massage. Includes Arm and foot massage. Does NOT include visualisation and hot stones.

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