Naturally Thinking Skincare Treatments

Naturally Thinking Skincare Treatments (NT)Skincare

The Naturally Thinking skincare treatments range is just as natural as Neal’s Yard skincare products, yet more affordable.

Vegan Friendly
Naturally Thinking do not use ingredients that are from animal origin. All products are vegan friendly and come from plant and vegetable origin.

NT Facial – 1 hour £26
Includes Facial with Naturally Thinking skincare products, and massage of face, neck, scalp and feet. Pure indulgence as you enjoy this treatment with this natural and affordable skincare range and flower waters.

NT Luxury Facial – 1hr 15 mins  £36
The ultimate Facial with NT skincare products, visualisation, hot and cold stones; massage of face, neck, scalp, feet and arms.

NT Mini Facial – 30 mins  £18

NT Exfoliation and Body Massage – 1 hour 15 mins  £34
Gentle exfoliation and body massage will relax your senses and restore balance throughout your body.

Rejuvenating Holistic Face Massage  – 1 hour £25
A natural facelift through massage with our Amara Holistics anti-ageing facial oil blend. Rejuvenating with a mix of acupressure, eastern face massage techniques and lymph drainage. Includes hand or foot massage.

NT Holistic Facial                                          1 hour 15 mins       £31
A combination of NT Facial and Rejuvenating Holistic Face Massage with our Amara Holistics anti-ageing facial oil blend. Includes arm and foot massage. Does NOT include visualisation and hot stones.

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From the Naturally Thinking website

‘Using the finest natural botanicals and extracts, grown at our fields on the Surrey Downs for purity and skin efficacy.

We have a passion for Producing Natural Skincare and Aromatherapy products which aren’t only super natural in their origins, but effective in giving you wonderful skin and a rejuvenated mind.

Using botanical extracts, we take the natural properties of plants to renew, regenerate and revive and include them in our skincare products to produce highly effective, indulgent skincare products that give visible results to your skin, whilst maintaining our ethics of provenance and naturalness.

As growers and importers of pure oils and botanicals we have an important responsibility to the land, workers and environment. As producers of skincare, we produce with ethics and of course never use ingredients tested on animals. Our products have never been tested on animals.

Our close relationship with growers allows us to ensure that the way ingredients are grown respects both the environment and workers involved.

Many essential oils come from environmentally fragile landscapes (such as Patchouli grown on terraces in Indonesia) and it is important the soil is managed to stop erosion, to stop the subsequent risk to animal and human life. We work with growers that are passionate about quality but also are there for the long term and not quick money.

We do not buy Sandalwood from India, the crop being worth so much, it has been the subject of illegal trading and hardship. Despite government attempts at regulation, the situation has never been completely transparent. As a result, our Sandalwood comes from a beautiful plantation in Australia, where true Indian Sandalwood is grown in a sustainable and reliable way.

We have worked towards our entire in-house production process being energy efficient and self-powering. By the end of 2019, we are aiming to produce all of the energy we require for production and growing by a combination of Solar Power, Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps.’