massageAmara Holistic Therapies offer treatments in Swedish, Back, Hot Stone, Sports and Deep Tissue Techniques, Aromatherapy, Indian Head and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. Please choose from the drop-down menu on the page if you wish to purchase a treatment or a gift voucher.

Body Massage – 1 hour £30 or  1.5 hours £42
The treatment helps to ease muscle tension, and to relax the body and mind. The 1 hour treatment includes legs, back, neck and arms. The 1.5 hour treatment leads to a deeper relaxation and additionally includes abdomen, scalp and face. More time can be spent on problem areas to promote well-being.

Back Massage 30 mins £20 or 45 mins £27
For people with back and neck problems, or just for relaxation. The 45 mins treatment intensely works on areas of need.

Sports and Deep Tissue  Techniques – 45 mins £27 or 1 hour £32
A specialised, deep remedial therapy for people with muscular problem areas in the body.

stoneHot Stone Massage – 1 hour £35 or 1.5 hours £48
Deep, relaxing massage with pre-blended oils. The comforting heat from the stones feels great and helps in relaxing body and mind. The 1 hour 40 minutes long treatment will make you feel like floating.

Indian Head Massage – 30 mins £20 or 45 mins £25
One of the most relaxing treatments available, given to neck, shoulders, upper arms, head and face. During the longer treatment, more attention will be given to tense areas.

Aromatherapy 1 hour 10 mins £34 or 1 hour 40 mins £48
Aromatherapy combines the physical and emotional effects of gentle massage with the medical, skin improving and psychotherapeutic properties of essential oils.  Includes Face. A real treat!

lomiHawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 1 hour 10 mins £37
or 2 hours £65

Lomi Lomi , also called ‘Loving Hands Massage’, is a unique healing treatment derived from the ancient Polynesians. It works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes. It feels like gentle waves moving over the body. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  helps to release energy blockages within the body and assists the sense of well-being at all levels. The treatment is performed with Monoi oil or an essential oil blend.

Lymphatic Drainage  Massage 1 hour £30
Helps in improving the immune system, and in removing toxins and excess fluid from the body. It may be beneficial for cellulite, acne, swollen ankles, fatigued legs and congested skin.

pregnancy-massagePregnancy Massage 1 hour £30
Only from the second trimester onwards, and where no complications have been present during any pregnancy


Thai Massage 1 hour £30 or 1.5 hours £42
Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures. The client remains clothed during a treatment.

Warm Bamboo Massage 1 hour 15 mins £38
Warm Bamboo sticks are used by the therapist instead of their hands. Bamboo sticks are smooth and are excellent for deep tissue work.