Holistic Face Massage

About Holistic Face Massage

Holistic Face Massage

Holistic Face Massage

Holistic Face Lift  Massage includes techniques from Eastern, Indian and Japanese Face Massage in combination with Facial Rejuvenation Techniques.

This Massage is very relaxing and pleasurable. It releases tension in the facial muscles and gives the skin an overall more radiant and youthful look. The work on energy meridian lines and acupressure points balances the whole body as well as the energy flow in the face.

A lot of money is spent on anti-wrinkle treatments and surgery. Holistic Face Massage is sometimes called a ‘non-surgical facelift’. It tones the face in increases the suppleness of the skin.

45 mins – £20
60 mins – £25 includes arm or foot massage
75 mins – £35 includes Eve Taylor Express Facial and arm or foot massage


Benefits of Holistic Face Massage

  • Improves the condition and appearance of the skin
  • Helps reducing wrinkles and age spots
  • Removes dead skin cells and waste products
  • Relaxes, tension release and stress symptoms
  • Balances energy
  • Stimulating to the nervous system
  • Increases blood and lymph flow
  • Tones features and muscles
  • Helps to prevent skin sagging
  • Promotes energy flow by releasing blockages