Corporate Chair Massage


Seated corporate chair massage is given in a specially designed chair in your workplace. The massage is performed over the clothes and lasts 20 minutes per person. Up to 18 people can be massaged by the therapist in a day.

Seated on site chair massage helps to reduce stress in the working environment. It helps relieving headaches, tension, tight muscles around neck and shoulders and backaches. Massage promotes relaxation by the stimulation of endorphins.

Massage improves circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Benefits for employer and employees
Reduction of stress
More motivated staff
Better efficiency at work
Staff feels appreciated and knows that the employer cares

How to book Corporate Chair Massage

A full day on-site chair massage is given for 20 minutes per person between 9 am to 4 pm (6 hours working time, 1 hour break summative). Please ensure that the therapist has 3 breaks during a full day, e.g. 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at Lunch and 20 minutes in the afternoon. The 1 hour break won’t be charged.

Minimum booking time is three hours. A 20 minute break is required during the three hours, which extends the all over time to 3 hours and 20  minutes. The 20 minute break won’t be charged.


3 hours – plus 20 minutes break
4 hours – plus 20 minutes break
5 hours – plus 2 x 20 minutes break
6 hours – plus 3 x 20 minutes break, or 15 – 30 – 15 minutes breaks.

Break times are not charged.

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